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I suppose I should retire at 55 instead of Karen into account the expansion of his life, but it's frustrating, I think that my sexual appetite is as insatiable as ever.. received a response from a fan named Dan on this side, outlined their needs, and he answered in a general way, with ' I do'. You 10movs get a lot of people say they are fans, but most are only interested until they lose their hard oon had no reason to believe 10movs that this man was different, but the picture looked interesting and I'm always a little prey to someone who knows what she wants and taste i fit what I like. e- mail sent to my availability for the evening performances on Friday, but would be available at the time a little tight, so the proposal was to meet me and spend hours getting to know each other and see how the things. develop A morning spent in preparation, the girl knows what it takes. Team chosen included my usual ups keep heavy opaque black lace lingerie, Can not escape them thong things, black slip shaper figure that tops my small breast form should take (not that I demand that my breasts are really very pronounced, with 10movs very prominent nipples ) see Black lace through the top skirt, gray, not too short, but fairly short. 4 'dishes and my long curly blond wig over. The maximum slope and a touch of Estee Lauder Youth Dew, not too delicate aroma I always feel I'm so fem - I did. dressed and ready, I Connect and wait to get on the news through. Just in time, as he had said he would send e-mail came through. exchanged phone numbers, zip code and agreed to the date of arrival, all sorted. turned on the computer and went to wait for the call to say he was in the area. of 25 minutes, 35 minutes, 40 minutes passed, he should be here. in 45 minutes, I decided to call him to verify his whereabouts . 'I'm probably 10 Karen minutes. He stood behind a heavy traffic jamfor a while. Are we still good? No problems, is waiting for your visit. ' end was 10movs called by house number. And parking information given. He moved to the corner and even' Mmmmm, 'I thought, ' cute ' parked, when he came to the car and drove down the road . 5 '10 ', the construction of beautiful shoulders, broad, tight hair boy, about 30 years later. Leather jacket, cropped jeans. ' Hello, it's nice to meet you,' he said upon entering the room. 'equal,' he said. ' Please come to the living room. ' ' You look better in real life than they do in photos of Karen. ' ' Really?, Thank you for this! '. M A gentleman that I am not a thug in the rough that might be in progress for a quick BJ. 'At my age it is always a concern that so many young guys as models may disagree with' ' no, seriously,' confirmed, ' it really looks like part. And look, the hair just completes the package, I love ' the same proof in the mirror, touched one or two loose strands of hair and looks - yes you may be right, cu. I - I thought. We sat for ten minutes or so to discuss, at opposite ends of the sofa, and who was involved, what we do, how long and why, and then went on likes and dislikes and decided that was exactly the qualities needed as far as he was not gay ( none of us are, but we are ), but enjoyed the company of the TV series. I was his third attempt to cement his youthful interest for kids with us. In the previous two is, one of which is a total disaster, I could gather, had not satisfied their curiosity. back a little more about him, I crossed my legs as I settled back and was delighted to see his eyes go straight to my ring. 'give To be honest, I'm enjoying what I most like real girls do, boys just do not spend three hours to reach the houses at 10movs the base. ' He 10movs laughed and asked if we up to continue or remain in the room were. ' I am delighted that you want to continue, and I want to make things a little coatalso there. I think the sofa and sitting area that's enough for now, if that's okay with you? 'Made feet No, I have chosen my path, part of the mantle, where my poppers were. Straightens again with a few stray 10movs curls, and I relaxed in the state of mind of the poppers, I looked at my new friend in the mirror from the couch as he developed. Looking down at his crotch, I could talk to see that this man was in need of some help. he apologized and explained that he had built from the time we started 10movs . 'No apology necessary. Good to know that I have that effect yet, 'wow you have to look good in the chains of his pants and it seemed that this girl was a real pleasure. S he has to close and joy of joys leaned kiss me. I just spent the kiss, which continued without interruption for a long time. he pulled me toward him and his erection felt like a stick of Blackpool rock restricted, since it was still in his jeans. the Embrace finally ended and I turned on the cd player. 'Please give it,' he said. When I turned to him, who had followed her jeans in no time and took off his 10movs shirt as he stands on the edge of the couch. Lying on the couch, his erection was proud evil eye. I think probably three inches of blood overflowing masculinity. let my skirt fall to the ground and made my way between the 10movs legs up. Fluctuate back and forth to the beat of the music, which I kneeled between her legs and leaned on him as he did again in a passionate embrace. I cast the end of its body with the head of his manhood in front of my hungry lips. Slowly I took orally. under him more and more until I gagged when it hit the back of my throat. Deep anger that led him into my throat and 10movs enjoy the sound of him moaning as he continued to orally stimulate your body. 'Wow, ' he cried, when I came by it slowly. 'I've never had anything like the hat ' and again kissed me and licked my lips with his tonguesearch ª my nipples with your fingers. God I wish I had not put breast forms. I happy 10movs moaned with pleasure as she runs one of my nipples tingling waves sent back adjusted. Goose bumps rose on my flesh as the spasm of joy through my body. ' Are you going to wear a condom, Dan, ' I asked. ' Well, I hoped, might you need to Karen. ' ' You surely going to be my husband,' I said as I sat back and 10movs looked at his beautiful robe expert piece of meat. ' I need you to lie face up 10movs on the floor,' he explained. 'You pretty big, so you should be able to control the situation if we get the best of situations. ' 'I 10movs do not care. ' Do not ask twice. Rising above his body stretched out, grabbed my red hot cock and began to lead his position. The initial penetration was sooooo goood ooooh, calling it a few inches, but it was a good move for me to take control while trying 10movs to increaseI thought I made ​​it past the first inning. I controlled the situation by the pressure in the chest and increase that to me was almost completely extracted by me. He sat down and started again, slowly brought him to me. Its scope was enough to moan again, as my 10movs own pre juices out of me because of their strength by pushing against my prostate. My point G was tingling, as if rubbing his cock against the company in my area of inner joy. penetration was finally complete, and then proceeded to let me screw. Placed his hands on my hips, looking and I stroked the top and bottom 10movs population, and that gradually builds a good pace. Oh my God, if I felt really good. There is something special, fucked by a big penis, striatum. Not that I'm impressed by the size usually is more than one - for me, a man shows his appreciation by adding walk enough and willing enough to want to love, to me. But this was bliss. I wasTingling, while continuing to drive deep in me. I could say I saw your face after a particularly low trip was very close to ejaculation and wished him the best of what he did for me. began to circle, which moves him more. Then I screwed on his erection and took him to the brink of 10movs climax, before finally grabbed my hips and grinding his teeth again, drove hard and came to a shuddering ejaculation spending is fully inserted. I went by slowly fade FIM handling myself in him, as he relaxed in a post -cum state of ecstasy. 'I can not believe how intense it was,' he said.. S aspire for, 'he replied and clothing cleaned after, he leaned back and relaxed, talking about their feelings, feelings of guilt mild that most people seem to happen, but I said I was happy again -. on the other hand, most men say that, but not many really want to repeat what they had with the same girl. I will wait for the mailE -mail, if it ever comes. , but it was 10movs very tasty. Karen
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